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Luckily for me this wonderful restaurant is just round the corner from from my home. I have eaten in and had takeaway. Both were absolutely delicious. the food is great and the staff are efficient and friendly.Perfect
Claire, Oxford

our favourite Oxford restaurant - every meal we've tried, we love - much nicer than most Indian cuisine that you get in UK -lighter and more subtly spiced. Love the contrast between the minimalist restaurant decor and the traditional pub next door.
Kate, Oxford

Everest Nepalese is my favourite restaurant in Oxford
Eva, Oxford

Everest is a hidden gem, fantastic service, beautiful food, love everything they have on the menu. I'm starting from number one on the menu, trying everything. Every dish tastes different, lovely flavours. Everest is my favourite eating place. Good luck you guys - keep this place going forever.
Tiffney (dailyinfo)

the best food ever!!!!!!!!!!!! love the place
oli, farnborough

it is very tasty food. U have to put pict of food also in menu
mi, london

Superb food and great service, my new favourite place to eat. Don't tell anyone!
Alex, Oxford

This is a true mixture of restaurant and pub. The friendliness of the staff is present both in the bar, with its aunt sally and darts, and in its modern styled restaurant serving the finest cooked Nepalese dishes. You won't be disappointed.
Kieran Boyle, Oxford

wow what an wonderful meal I had! Great environment, very attentive service, the meal I had, I felt like I was really on the top the world. MTeverest! recomend to go there at least once!
harry, oxford

one of the best meals i ever had this is the place you want to go and enjoy!
marshall, oxford

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